About edu.reviews

Edu.reviews is a review platform for textbooks, and is a central module of the Edumeres information platform for international textbook research, which enables an interchange of information regarding textbooks and other learning materials such as specialised dossiers or handouts.
There are currently more than 380 reviews of German textbooks available on edu.reviews. Interested parties are welcome to review textbooks for history, politics, social sciences, economics, geography, ethics, philosophy, religion and primary science studies. As the platform focusses on German textbooks the information is only available in German.

In order to meet the varied requirements of a range of target groups for textbooks in practice and academia, the platform incorporates textbook reviews from teachers and trainee teachers, academics, experts and educationalists as well as from pupils. The independent and multi-perspective views offered on the platform can assist teachers in their selection of textbooks, provide academics with stimuli for textbook research and help textbook authors and publishers improve textbook design. Our aim is to help ensure that each new textbook meets the latest standards in terms of subject-specific information, methodology and pedagogy and that the most appropriate textbooks are selected for each teaching case.

If you would like to write a review or conduct a review project with a university course or school class, or if you have suggestions for how to improve and further develop our services, please contact:

Maren Tribukait